Optical fiber is a material made of silica (Silicon Dioxide, SiO 2 ) or high-quality plastics, which consists of small fibers capable of transmitting light .Its function is to transfer said light in various frequencies to other distant geographical points. This phenomenon takes advantage of the speed of light, 300,000 kilometers every second (300,000 km / s). The fluctuation in the frequency of light is for the purpose of transporting data efficiently.In the production of fiberglass, the yield is very high, that is, with a small amount of silicon as raw material, an abundant product is obtained, without much waste.

Optical fiber, as it is known at an industrial level, has two main components:

  • Core
  • Lining

The core is the material of the optical fiber, as is. The lining is a soft plastic cover that is responsible for protecting the core from the elements and damage by external agents.

What is fiber optics for?

Optical fiber has applications that have multiplied with technological advances. It serves to:

  • Transmit information uninterruptedly
  • Increase the speed of communications
  • Economize device manufacturing

Transmit information uninterruptedly

Optical fiber has adequate and favorable properties for the flow of light. As a consequence, it is capable of transmitting information quickly, without it being interrupted or corrupted by foreign and polluting information.

Its use was, at first, to transmit telephone data. Later, to carry cable television data. The most recent application is in the transmission of the internet signal, making it more efficient.

Increase the speed of communications

Optical fiber is used to transmit information.

The latest goal of fiber optics is to slow down data transfer over the internet and television. When you have a total fiber optic infrastructure, you will be able to obtain superior quality information and images, investing a minimum of time.

As the internet is the means of communication that adjusts to the needs of the world’s population, fiber optics are used to apply it in transcontinental communication. The number of information repeaters is decreased and data transport is amplified.

Optical fiber facilitates videoconferences, achieving simultaneous and fluid communication between members in different geographical locations.

Economize device manufacturing

Optical fiber is an inexpensive and easy-to-install material , which speeds up the passage of data that is transmitted by means of light.

In addition, in the medical field, it is used as a component of laser rays , which cauterize and suture injuries. It is a great assistant for microsurgery, required in specialties such as neurosurgery, cardiology, nephrology.

It is also added to specialized cutting machines in the industrial field, and to high precision microscopes, useful in biochemical and microbiological research environments.

Fiber optics is a great alternative to be included in electronic telescopes for astrophysical research centers, and nuclear physics devices, which study subatomic particles.

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