What is it?

It is known as optical fiber to a compound made of silica or very good quality plastics, it consists of small fibers which transmit light. The function of these fibers is to transfer light at different frequencies and is used to transmit data. The manufacturing performance of fiberglass is extremely high, since with very little silicon a large quantity of optical fiber can be built.

This fiber is made up of two parts: the core on one side and the lining on the other. The first is the optical fiber as such, and the second is what it covers with soft plastic, which protects the core from the elements and external damage.

It has the function of transmitting information without being interrupted or corrupted, the information other than that initially transmitted. Initially, its use was to transmit telephone data, then it was used to transmit cable television data and finally to transmit Internet signal.

In itself, the objective is to reduce the slowness of the transmission of Internet and television data, obtaining data and images of superior quality and with a high frequency. In addition, it increases the speed of transcontinental communication, and reduces the number of information repeaters as well as more easily amplify the transmitted data.

It is a cheap and easy to install means, which serves to accelerate the transmitted data that can be controlled by purifying the used material. It is the optical instrument for the realization of videoconferences and multiple conferences in real time.

In the medical area, it is used in laser beams that cauterize and suture injuries, and therefore in microsurgery. On the other hand, in industry, it is used in cutting machines and high precision microscopes.

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