The fiber is a nutrient or kind of substance, which can be found in a vast number of foods, specifically those that are of plant origin can be found in those stand out as being very high in fiber.

It should be noted that the body can neither digest nor absorb fiber, it spins throughout our body and finally ends up being expelled with waste. It is one of the best characteristics that it has, since it neither makes us fatter nor makes us obtain more calories, in fact it helps us lose weight at the same time that it fulfills other functions that are interesting to us. There are two types of fibers: insoluble and soluble.

Insoluble fiber:  this can be found very easily in wheat bran, in any type of cereal, and also in whole wheat bread. It is also available in any type of fibrous vegetables and legumes. It should be noted that the less it is refined, the amount of fiber it has will be even higher.

Soluble Fiber:  this other type of fiber can be found in a huge amount of vegetables of different types, also in any type of legume, in fruits, oat bran, barley, and others.

The vast majority is in any type of pulp, in leaves and in many fruit skins, that is why it is named as the fiber of the husk.

One of the best characteristics is that if you suffer from bowel problems or constipation, it is excellent so that you can improve very quickly, it is more, it should always be consumed to avoid certain problems in the intestine in this way.

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