Facebook is a social network (a website used for people to establish contact, without barriers of space or nationality) that began as a portal for students at Harvard University.It was designed so that the students of said university could communicate instantly, and share diverse contents , such as images and documents.

Subsequently, the use of this site could be extended to anyone who had an email, and also to users with different nationalities and languages. Facebook was developed by Mark Zuckerberg , Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughest.

Its user population is already in the order of billions. Facebook is the pioneer social network, connecting this gigantic number of people and offering services such as chat, a wall or personal space to make publications, user profile, online games, live broadcasts and video calls. It is possible to use it from the computer or mobile devices.

What is Facebook for?

It is a website whose evolution has allowed access to numerous functions in a single portal.

Facebook serves to:

  • As a social network
  • As a promotion and advertising platform
  • As a means of expression
  • As a means of information
  • As an entertainment tool

It is a social network

This platform serves for the connection and interaction of users . Each of them has the option of accepting friend requests , which are permission for other people to access their information and stay in contact with them.

A user is going to be defined by the “friends” he has. These are people who have received the previously mentioned permission. It can be close friends from everyday life or foreigners from the other side of the planet who share interests with the user. All contact is made via the internet.

On Facebook you can form and manage groups or communities, in which people around the world converge to comment, share and create content.

This social network fosters the virtual closeness of people, favoring the continuity of communication between them when distances are an impediment to a geographical encounter.

As a promotion and advertising platform

Companies, organizations and individuals use Facebook as a platform for promoting services, products and applications.

In this social network it is possible to create pages that illustrate the generalities and details of what an entity offers, be it a product, a service, a conference, an application. The latter can be displayed and promoted more effectively thanks to daily traffic from Facebook.

The content placed on the pages can be photographs, videos, descriptions, price lists of products or services, as well as constant promotions to increase sales.

Facebook is the appropriate medium for the wide and rapid dissemination of company information , with advertising optimized for this purpose.

As a means of expression

Currently Facebook is one of the most widespread computer social networks in the world.

Political, social and religious groups have used Facebook as a means of contacting members of their community.

This social network serves as a medium for artists, politicians, religious, analysts and experts in various subjects to meet virtually to express their ideas and opinions. This can be achieved through text or by sharing images and photographs that contain the allusion to the subject.

It is even possible to expand the community by sending invitations to other Facebook users. The latter have, of course, the right and the criteria to accept the invitation or reject it.

Facebook policies restrict sensitive topics , so that content and pages that express aggressiveness or compromise the image of the social network have the risk of being eliminated, so that they are not available to vulnerable users.

As a means of information

Thanks to the extensive availability of users that Facebook has, information services and media such as newscasts, newspapers, television stations, radio stations, magazines, use this social network so that the intention of informing has a wide reach , and the news of interest reach the corresponding users.

In the same way, public institutions, companies and governments use the platform. They have a more accessible means of contact with their followers and clients , being able to provide information on events, government regulations, social programs, and a wide range of data.

Artists and athletes are also in charge of showing through this social network the schedule of their activities , to summon interested groups and have assured attendance.

There is currently the advantage that this information to be shared can be managed through personal computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets and other devices.

As an entertainment tool

This platform allows users to access online games, video conferences and online events for members of a particular group.

In the case of online video games, it is possible to summon multiple players to make the experience on a larger scale.

Several members of a group can also agree to communicate through the chat offered by Facebook, and thus share images, videos, etc.

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