Dropbox is a virtual platform, used to store a large number of files, from documents to music. These files are directed to the “cloud”, in which you can open from your computer, mobile or tablet anywhere you are, as long as it is connected to a wireless network.

To start using this service, you must first create an account. This is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. Storing and opening your documents from personal, school or business, has never been so easy. Learn a little more about the services provided by this digital platform.

Advantages offered by Dropbox

Since its inception, it has been an excellent option for document storage, both for personal and business purposes. Unlike other platforms that offer you the same service, this allows you to share the documents that are stored with more than one person.

The advantages are:

  • Stores files in the cloud: its main function is to store and share files in the cloud, by connecting to a wireless network.
  • Capacity: It has a storage capacity of 2GB. Enough to save much of the information that you want to transfer from the PC’s hard drive.
  • Free: Obtaining the services of this platform is completely free. Just by going to the website you will have access to create an account or open an existing account.
  • Backup files: gives us the opportunity to backup important documents. In the event of a loss of information on the PC, if the data was previously transferred to the platform, the information can be recovered.
  • Share your files: This platform gives us the opportunity to share files of interest with other users. If it is a job, it is ideal to have access to that information, as long as the owner authorizes it.
  • Facilitates teamwork: With the tool, in addition to being able to share documents, it offers the possibility of working as a team, greatly facilitating work performance.


  • Its free capacity is only 2GB, while if you want more capacity it is necessary to make a previous payment for your services. Reaching up to a capacity of 18GB.
  • Without internet you will not be able to work: Unlike other digital information storage platforms, this one does not allow you to access your files if there is no internet connection.
  • Only if desired can any user access the documents that are stored. This is only possible with the authorization of the owner, but if you have access, you can delete and share any document.

What is Dropbox?

Its function makes it so simple and practical. It is like storing the data on a USB or SD memory, but in a more secure way, since the information will not be lost due to any damage, the information is only deleted if one wishes.

This idea came to fruition in 2007 by MIT alumni Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi. They were looking for another way for people to share, save and sync information.

It currently has more than 500 million users and its presence is in 175 countries, being the number one option for many. Their language ranges from Spanish, English, German, Japanese, and French.

Dropbox for desktop, business and mobile

  • For desktop: accessing the stored files found on this platform is not only possible from its website. This platform allows you to download the desktop tool, also known as the “desktop client”. Its compatibility goes from Windows, Linux and Mac. It runs in the background and synchronizes automatically.

With this tool it will be much easier to enter the account and its capacity is much more usable. It is like downloading a hard drive, but the best thing is that it will not be completely, since the information that is saved will be automatically synchronized online and with the devices that are linked to the account.

“In addition, this modality allows access to synchronized information without the need to be connected to the internet.” That is, it has an offline mode, which consists of entering and viewing the files that are stored, and taking advantage of some of the functions, later when there is an internet connection the changes you make in your account will be automatically synchronized. ”

  • The Businees option allows you to access your personal account and at the same time that of the company, optimizing the performance of tasks. For this you must intertwine the accounts.
  • There is also the Dropbox App, giving users optimal use. With this tool, it is possible to perform any task from anywhere, as long as it is connected to a wireless network. With this App (for Android and IOS) it has become easier and more comfortable to upload and download files.


With all this information, it is concluded that Dropbox is an excellent tool to save our most valuable photos, documents, videos and / or music, allowing us to open them anywhere we are, either from a PC (web page or the tool for desktop), mobile and Tablet.

In technological times it is important to make backups of the information that is kept on the PC, it is not known when the computer stops working, causing all valuable information to be lost. This platform may not give us full security either, however, when backing up files, you don’t think about cyber attacks.

If one thing is certain, it is that its function makes it one of the best digital storage options in the world. Hopefully the reading has been very useful. Thanks for reading!

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