Daemon Tools is an application designed to create virtual CD and DVD drives within the hard drive, so that the computer interprets these drives as physical CDs or DVDs .In this way, it is possible to emulate and load “images” of the ISO, CCD, BWT, MDS, CUE and CDI formats, associating these images with the Daemon Tools program. With this association , images can be accessed and interpreted so that the user can use their content.Daemon Tools offers tools with which copy protections can be unlocked , making it easy for the user to fully access information and back it up if necessary.

What is Daemon Tools for?

Daemon Tools is an application with functions related to virtual information management. It serves to:

  • Generate virtual CD-DVD drives
  • Emulate the CD or DVD of video games, programs and more
  • Access to information on disks

Create virtual CD-DVD drives

The main function of Daemon Tools is the creation of a virtual drive that allows various programs that are in some image format, such as ISO, MDS, CUE, among others, to work from the hard disk , the way they would a physical CD or DVD.

Image files, such as ISO or CCD, are “unique” files that contain directory information like a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, and may contain one or more executable files such as:

  • Programs
  • Video game
  • Text files
  • Sound files
  • Video files

These executable files are managed as a “whole”, which can only be accessed either by burning the information on a disc (CD or DVD), or by means of programs such as Daemon Tools, which is a tool for emulation and creation of drives. virtual.

Daemon Tools is in charge of “mounting” the image of the program, video game or file that you want to use and that is in image format, putting it in the virtual drive that is created. So you can run the file, program or video game from the hard drive .

Depending on the version of Daemon Tools you have, you can create from one virtual drive up to two, four, and even sixteen.

Emulate the CD or DVD of video games, programs and more

Its main function is to emulate CD-DVD drives, by means of virtual drives; this program is an emulator.

Sometimes video games are initially downloaded in an ISO (or other) image format , so to be able to run them it is necessary to place them or burn them to a DVD or a CD.

Daemon Tools is used in these cases so that there is no need to burn the ISO file. Thus, you avoid having to insert a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. The user gets rid of the inconvenience of continuously wearing out or scratching a physical disk.

This program allows the creation of a virtual drive that is stored on the hard disk and that provides emulation to be able to run the video game, which is so convenient since the computer does not have to be reading the removable disk every time.

Access to information on disks

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Daemon Tools works with image discs that contain videos, giving access to them, and likewise allows access to the information of some music and video discs that are in any of the aforementioned image formats. This is the case of some video courses that usually come on CD in this way.

It should be noted that Daemon Tools supports the main disk image formats, such as ISO, CDI, CCD, MDS, NRG, BWT, PDI, B5T, CUE and BIN files.

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