Cydia is an application with jailbreak functions , to allow the installation of programs and applications on Apple devices, outside the range offered in the App Store.Apple products, such as the iPhone and iPad, have a factory restriction , which is valid only to install and use programs, applications and games obtained from the App Store . These imply a previous payment, and it is limited to the user of the device, preventing him from obtaining similar programs that have not been developed by Apple.

Cydia was created by Jay Freeman, who based the name of this application on the name of the worm that parasitizes the common apple, Cydia pomonella , alluding to the fact that the program is introduced in Apple devices (“Apple” is “apple” in English ) but, in this case, the functionalities of the device are improved.

What is Cydia for?

Cydia is a modifier that allows specific changes to be added to Apple products, applications that are not found in the App Store.

Cydia is used to:

  • Install non-App Store applications
  • Jailbreak iOS Devices
  • Download tweaks or apps on the iPhone
  • Run constant updates

Install non-App Store applications

It often happens that iPhone and iPad users do not find their needs satisfied if they do not resort to applications created by another developer. Although they are state-of-the-art electronic devices, users will always have preferences that are in accordance with their activity.

With Cydia, the desired applications, outside the App Store , will be installed, increasing the functionality in terms of various aspects, such as device customization or synchronization to share files with multi-brand smartphones. A better use of the device is achieved.

Jailbreak iOS Devices

It is practically a “hack” of the equipment that allows changes in its programming. You can replace the various applications with others that offer a more complete and satisfying user experience.

The benefit is the freedom of not being dependent on the predetermined programs or that are downloaded only from the App Store. The functional possibilities of the device become more extensive and handling is optimized.

Download tweaks or apps on the iPhone

Cydia serves to take full control of the device.

The tweaks work on various Apple products; you can download numerous applications such as device customization, among others that provide greater control to the user when configuring to their liking.

Run constant updates

Tweaks that are on the Apple device, iPhone, iPof, iPad can be kept in constant evolution.

With Cydia you can add files such as fonts (letter formats), screen savers, wallpapers and a multitude of tools that allow, for example, the exchange of information and images via Bluetooth to other devices from different companies.

In short, using Cydia it is possible to add functions to the Apple product that are not allowed by design. The way in which activities can be developed is extended.

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