Compost is an incredible fertilizer that allows plants to grow much stronger and healthier.

Compost is the result that is obtained through the decomposition of organic waste that is generated in nature. The soil constantly absorbs nutrients from leaves, animal waste, dead plants, and so on, and transforms them into incredible food, which is very rich in protein for plants to grow. Knowing this, we can use all the laws of nature to our benefit and generate an incredible fertilizer from those organic waste that we generate ourselves on a daily basis. In this way, we save a lot of money and also help our plants to grow in a healthy and strong way.

The food that we put in the compost pile decomposes to make a kind of soil, quite airy and spongy, which indicates that the compost is ready to use.

Steps to compost:

To begin, you must choose the correct place to place the compost pile, it can be in a patio or garden. If you live in an apartment, you can easily do it in a trash can or paint jar. The only important thing is always that it is well aerated and that it also allows more waste to be added each time it is processed.

It will begin by separating all those organic waste in a jar and then placing it in the pile or container. These are some residues that can be used: peels of all kinds of fruits and vegetables, dry leaves, branches and grass. Old fruits and vegetables, also charcoal or firewood ash, ground bones, grass, newspaper, sugar, coffee and cotton.

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