The colon hydrotherapy is a non – drug, but physical, innovative and immediate results, and to which many patients continue to feel distrust for his medical treatment procedure.

What is colon hydrotherapy?

The word “hydrotherapy” comes from the Greek root “hydro”, which means “water”, so the term “colon hydrotherapy” refers to a therapy in which water is applied to this part of the body.

What is colon hydrotherapy for?

This therapy acts like an internal shower . With the patient ready, a cannula is inserted through the anus and a mixture of water and ozone is delivered to the colon. It is ensured that this inlet of the mixture is at an adequate pressure.

Colon hydrotherapy serves several specific purposes:

  • Destroy the stool left behind in the colon
  • Clean the excretory system
  • Elimination of obstructions in the colon
  • Eliminate the risk of toxicity from excrement
  • Prevent diseases due to excess waste in the body
  • Prepare the body for future studies, such as X-rays
  • As an alternative to drug treatments to cleanse the excretory system

The o zone does not participate as an oxidizing agent to gradually degrade the fecal matter with which it is found, and water is the fluid that is responsible for transporting this chemical action to the excretion system.

The purpose of colon hydrotherapy is the elimination of accumulated excrement , blockages, dirt and excess organic residues that have lagged in the exit and that carry a toxicity as a risk .

It is therefore that colon hydrotherapy is classified as a detoxifying therapy for the body, leaving as a result a clean and unobstructed excretory system.

The duration of the procedure varies according to the medical center where it is performed and the complexity of the case. It ranges from 30 minutes to 45.

An impressive fact is that when the water is introduced, up to 70 liters of water pass through the patient’s body throughout the procedure.

When should I have colon hydrotherapy?

You can tell when a colon hydrotherapy is necessary. If you experience bad breath, dry tongue, constipation, dark circles, overweight, hair loss and weakness, headaches, high heart pressure, tiredness, indigestion, varicose veins, cellulitis, irregular menstrual pain, you may need to undergo a procedure for Colon hydrotherapy.

The best decision is always to go to a professional , since for their part you can receive the best advice regarding the application of this therapy. Given that the way it is done is physically uncomfortable due to the entry of the cannula through the anus, there are a variety of patients: those who have it a couple of times a year and feel much better, and those who prefer to resort to drugs designed to purge the excretory system.

Ozone water for colon hydrotherapy

Does colon hydrotherapy have side effects?

Colon hydrotherapy will have side effects if it is not carried out properly and taking the pertinent precautions. Dangerous conditions that can harm the body in colon hydrotherapy are:

  • Excess pressure in the inlet water, damaging the internal tissue.
  • That the cannula is not well inserted through the anus, causing tears.
  • A very low concentration of ozone in the inlet water is unable to achieve the cleaning purpose.
  • That the patient has a health condition that has not yet been diagnosed, and that has to do with the excretory system.

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