For some time now, coconut oil has become an increasingly well-known ingredient or used in different ways, both for cooking and for cosmetics. In any case, it is an ingredient that has been used for a long time because it has many health benefits, but today it has positioned itself as a good ally for skin and hair care, among other cosmetic benefits. And it is one of these that we want to talk to you about today, that is why we want to invite you in what follows below to read what follows, what is Coconut Oil for on the skin.

What is coconut oil good for in beauty?

On the one hand, it is an ingredient that can serve as a moisturizer for the body. In this sense, using an essential oil to hydrate the body will achieve correct hydration, making the skin softer and last longer. In the specific case of coconut oil, it is one of the best moisturizers that we can have to naturally hydrate the skin and at the same time take care of it. But not only does it help to hydrate and soften the skin, it also eliminates dead cells, thus helping to prevent anticipated skin aging.

But on the other hand, coconut oil can also serve as an exfoliant, to do a deep cleaning of the skin, eliminating all the dead cells that accumulate in it daily.

To use it in this sense, we recommend that you place a part of coconut oil in a pot over a low heat and when it is hot, we add two parts of brown sugar -or it can also be salt- and for two minutes we do not stop stirring . It is important to be careful that the sugar does not melt, and before this we must remove the oil from the heat and let it cool for a few minutes and then apply it to the skin and exfoliate.

In this same sense of its benefits for the skin, coconut oil can help us fight acne. This is due to the presence of lauric acid in it, which is responsible for fighting the bacteria that cause acne.

Finally, it can also be used as a make-up remover, to remove traces of make-up.

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