Cinnamon is a product that is used daily as a spice, and it contains a large number of advantages and benefits that it provides to our health.

This product is obtained from a fairly small tree, called cinnamon, which comes from Sri Lanka and India. Humans have been consuming it for many years

What is it for?

Cinnamon is very good to help reduce blood glucose levels, due to this it is widely used in patients suffering from diabetes. It also helps lower triglycerides and cholesterol in the human body, thus preventing certain heart diseases. Helps improve memory and visual speed of humans. It is an excellent anticoagulant, thanks to the cinnamaldehyde content.

Provides a feeling of fullness, thus helping to avoid cravings mainly for sweet foods. Cinnamon tea is very good to help against heartburn and indigestion. In women, it helps to regulate the menstruation period, in addition to reducing colic. This product also removes bad breath

The aroma of cinnamon helps to eliminate stress, due to this there are natural flavoring products that are made with cinnamon or based on cinnamon. It also naturally eliminates free radicals present in the human body.

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