Chia is a plant that has a large amount of nutrients and also health benefits. The seed can be consumed in yogurts, cereals and other beverages. These seeds do not have any flavor, because of that they are widely used in certain foods and pastries, however they have a large number of benefits for our health.
Benefits of chia for our health: studies that have been carried out, affirm that chia can become one of the treatments to treat type two diabetes and also helps to control hunger, the latter makes it very good for people who are They are in a position to lose weight, apart from helping us to improve the health of our heart.

Chia seed benefits:

Currently, the seed is widely used to lose weight, because the most common problems that people who want to make a diet to lose weight have is being very hungry, and this seed is very good to control appetite. It provides our body with a good healthy fiber, because it forms a gel in our stomach that consumes it in such a way that it feels satisfied. Also, this fiber is what makes you feel few cravings to want to eat something else that can ruin the diet.

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