Chamomile, also popularly known by the name of common chamomile, is one of the plants most used since ancient times by natural medicine. Chamomile has very good beneficial properties for our skin, since it helps to regenerate it, reduce inflammation and fight acne.

Chamomile is a very good anti-inflammatory for the skin.

  • There are many cosmetics and skin products on the market made from chamomile to reduce inflammation and provide a soothing action on the skin. However, a very good option is to have it at home and prepare very simple home remedies, such as a natural soap or a facial cleansing with its infusion.
  • Washing the skin daily with water or chamomile soap, soothes inflamed or red areas.
  • This substance has very good antiseptic properties that help us eliminate all kinds of bacteria and substances or elements that are harmful to our body that cause infections or alter the balance of our skin.
  • Chamomile contains essential oils such as bisabolol A and B, matricin, and flavonoids such as apigenin, which are therapeutic substances capable of regenerating the skin.
  • Performing treatments with chamomile soap helps us to treat problems such as eczema, minor burns and those produced by the sun as well.
  • It also helps soothe skin rashes.
  • A fairly common dermatological problem is acne, which is not only suffered by adolescents, but also appears in adults. This is due to hormonal changes that cause annoying acne to appear from time to time. For those occasions it is very useful to have a chamomile soap to rinse the area with it. This property is due to its vasoconstrictive and anti-allergenic action. Also, the chamomile, helps to have a cleaner, toned skin, and to heal the marks left by acne on the face.
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