Celery is an herb that belongs to the opiate family. It is a plant native to regions of the Middle East and Europe, where it was cultivated as a vegetable. Wild celery is also consumed, characterized by a much spicier flavor and by having thinner stems than cultivated celery.
It is commonly used as a condiment for different stews and soups, as well as being consumed raw due to its nutritional and medicinal properties, which are very beneficial for people’s bodies.
E l cons umo celery neutralizes acids of our body, thereby producing diuretic and digestive action. Due to the high sodium content, it serves to form bile in the lazy liver. In addition, it helps prevent blood clots and dissolve toxins present in our body.

It also helps fight arrhythmias, this is achieved by consuming celery raw. It also serves to reduce blood cholesterol, to achieve this you can consume celery juice or celery juice with orange.

It is very good at helping to lower blood sugar levels, thereby controlling diabetes. For this, it is recommended to consume carrot, celery and potato juice. In addition, with the consumption of celery you can achieve liver care.

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