Many times we hear that word that is commonly used in everyday jargon but generally we do not know precisely what catharsis is and what it is for. In today’s post we propose to provide you with some concepts to clarify those doubts and also so that you can start implementing it in case you need it.

What is it for?

Catharsis is a technique designed to eliminate, unblock, channel all charges that alter consciousness, normalizing the functioning of the psychic apparatus. The logic from which this technique operates starts from the disintegration that the human being possesses internally to give coherence to his internal world. The emotional charges begin to arise due to the dissociations that occur in the way of acting, thinking and feeling of the individual, that is why there comes a time when it is necessary to release all those disturbing elements that were generated in order to reorient the vision. Then, in this sense, catharsis would become the process by which the subject releases all the internal tensions generated by the disintegration that it possesses, allowing you to reach the deepest aspirations of your being and reorganize both your inner world and your outer behavior. This process is called ‘transference’ and we generally need a psychologist to be able to work on it, but there are people who can reach a ‘self-transference’.

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