Castor oil is a good moisturizer and has great properties.
It has properties as a natural laxative, in addition to other uses that are important to know about.

  • Relieves colitis:  to alleviate this type of discomfort, you can make a compress and apply to the lower belly. A cloth is moistened and left to act for about two hours, and on top, place a hot water bottle.
  • Eliminates calluses on the feet: this accumulation of dead skin can be softened. Wet a little of the oil and place on the affected area. Secure with a dressing and place the stocking so that it does not move. Sleep with the cotton and when you wake up, file the callus that will already be much softer.
  • Relieves arthritis pain: In case your joints hurt due to arthritis. You must place three tablespoons in a pan and heat for three minutes, wet a cotton ball and rub on the area where it hurts. Cover with a dry cloth and place a heating pad to keep it warm, no more than an hour. If the sector is inflamed, it should not be used.
  • Reduce dark circles: apply a drop of this oil with your finger under the eyes and do a small circular massage to penetrate, and leave it to act overnight.
  • Caring for the skin: because it is a good moisturizer, it is part of various cream and cosmetic product formulas. It serves to soften and protect the dermis. It helps in the treatment of dry skin, peeling, herpes, burns and superficial wounds. It is also saponifiable, being used to make shampoo to obtain shinier, healthier and smoother hair.
  • Strengthen nails: in the case of having fragile nails, apply this oil with a cotton ball on each one.
  • Massaging the body: it can be used as a body oil to do de-contracting or anti-inflammatory massages, as well as to relieve different muscle and joint pain.
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