The biotechnology is the application of knowledge of biological sciences in the service of human beings and technology. The engineer Karol Ereki coined the concept of biotechnology in 1919, as the title of one of the publications of his career.The fields of action of biotechnology are:

  • The agricultural industry
  • The pharmaceutical industry
  • Food industry
  • The Agriculture
  • vet
  • Medicine

What is biotechnology for?

Biotechnology has countless applications:

  • Improved livestock farming
  • Genetic editing
  • Forage improvement
  • Preparation of medicines
  • Yeast optimization
  • Creation of food preservative agents

It serves to improve livestock breeding

In the livestock and dairy industry, for example, biotechnology is used to genetically select specimens with favorable characteristics , and thus cross them to obtain offspring that are stronger and better producers.

All of this is accomplished in a programmed way and with better control. You get a competitive advantage in the market.

It is used for the improvement of forages

The improvement of forages is carried out by modifying their genetic characteristics, to increase their resistance to hostile climatic conditions, pests and other factors that can affect production.

It is used for genetic editing of living beings

Biotechnology is applied to conveniently modify the genetic code of a living being, be it a plant, an animal or even a person, while it is in its early development.

Thanks to biotechnology, living beings can be altered so that they have characteristics that go beyond their nature. It is a procedure highly judged by religious doctrines, since they “betray” creationist norms.

It is used for the manufacture of medicines

Biotechnology ensures the progress and well-being of society

Having the knowledge about the biochemical reaction mechanisms , it is possible to develop drugs that can optimize them. Through biotechnology, patients with the most severe conditions can be supported to have a faster recovery or a bearable lifestyle.

Yeast optimization

Fermentation is a biochemical process in which microscopic fungi called “yeasts” break down the carbohydrates of a plant species to produce alcohol and simpler sugars.

Through biotechnology it is possible to create the best conditions for the yeasts to do their job.

Creation of food preservative agents

Through biotechnology it is possible to apply biochemical substances to processed foods so that they do not decompose so quickly and last longer in storage before consumption.

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