When we talk about biotechnology, in general terms, we are referring to the use of living cells, which is carried out by technological means, in order to produce and optimize products that will be useful for people, such as food, antibiotics , etc. For those who do not know this technique, below we continue to tell you more about it and we will tell you what biotechnology is for.

What is Biotechnology for?

Specifically, it is a technique that serves to apply knowledge of different sciences -for example engineering- in order to be able to use biological agents to treat both organic and inorganic resources.

In this sense, biotechnology is used to be able to use it at the service of agricultural production, which is known as the green class. In this case, it could be applied to develop transgenic plants.

It also serves to generate vaccines or antibiotics, which are made through these living cells and in this case we speak of an application of biotechnology to medicine and is known as red biotechnology.

Along the same lines, when we talk about blue biotechnology, we are talking about the technique used to develop in the aquatic environment, as well as the white one, which serves to develop and optimize the industry in general.

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