Biotechnology is known as the application of the different knowledge of biological sciences at the service of human beings and technology.
The types of applications are: the agricultural industry, pharmaceutical industry, agriculture and veterinary medicine, among others.

Karol Ereki, was an engineer, who in 1919 coined the concept of biotechnology, as the title of one of his publications.

What is it for?

Biotechnology has a large number of applications, one of them may be: improvement in livestock breeding, in which genetic selections are made to improve the breeds and qualities of the animals, choosing the best specimens and crossing them on a scheduled basis. . In livestock, it also has the service of improving forages, in which they are improved to prevent pests from invading, given this improves production.

In the pharmaceutical industry sector, it is manipulated as a principle to manufacture medicines using plants and natural compounds (plants and fungi). On the other hand, in the food industry, it is used as ferments or compounds, which have the objective of preserving or transforming food, as happens in the wine industry, this science is in charge of improving the industry, of an artisanal process step to a high quality industrial process.

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