The beet , or also known as beet , has a large number of properties from which great benefits can be obtained, it is totally edible in all the parts it has and each one of them is used for different things, and in turn it can be obtained from each of its parts a different benefit.
It is considered a vegetable, which has properties of great benefit for those who consume it regularly. Beets should not be lacking in a healthy diet, since the benefits and properties obtained through its consumption are too many.


The high levels of calcium that it has, helps to strengthen our bone system, apart helps in the strengthening and healthy growth of the teeth, in addition to controlling blood pressure, muscle contractions, and its high fiber content helps fight constipation . Another benefit is that it helps blood clotting, apart from having a high content of vitamin A, which strengthens our body’s immune system, helping to form vital defenses.Among the nutrients that beets have, we can highlight phosphorus, vitamin C, magnesium and potassium, which helps in the regulation of blood pressure, maintains muscle mass and nervous circulation.

This vegetable can be included in different ways in various meals, be it strong meals, salads, or an incredible side, and even as a delicious dessert when consumed alone.

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