If you found some baking soda at home and you think that it is useless, do not throw it away, because in reality it can help you, especially in regards to cosmetic and beauty uses. If you want to find out more about these uses, keep reading, because then we will tell you what baking soda is for in beauty. 

What is baking soda good for in beauty?

It can serve you, in the first place as an exfoliator of the pier, because it will help you eliminate dead cells and all the dirt that day by day accumulated on the skin.

For this use, add three parts of bicarbonate to one of water and after mixing, apply it to the skin with gentle massages.

It can also help you prevent hair from becoming greasy and dirty. To do this, add a teaspoon of bicarbonate to your shampoo and apply it to the hair with light massages and leave it to act for ten minutes. Then it is rinsed off.

Lastly, baking soda can help keep your knee and elbow areas from looking so rough and dry. To do this, add a little of it to your daily moisturizer and apply it to the area.

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