Today we are going to talk to you about Andean Maca, which is a plant that for some time has become very popular because it proved to be very beneficial for people who have incorporated it into their diet. In general terms and very briefly, we anticipate that it is a plant that is native to Bolivia and the Andes of Peru and its cultivation is done on the one hand because it has shown to have very powerful nutritional properties but beneficial effects on fertility are also attributed to it. , in the sense that it would stimulate it as well as the libido. But if you want to know more about this plant we want to invite you to continue reading because throughout this post we are going to tell you what the Andean Maca is for and other information of interest 

Information about Andean Maca 

As we mentioned a moment ago, it is a herbaceous plant that is cultivated, with respect to sea level, above a height of 2,700 to more than 4,000 meters and it is estimated that this plant has been cultivated in the Andes of Peru and Bolivia. Although for many of us it may seem something new to talk about this plant, as we just mentioned, the cultivation of the same data for many years ago and for this reason indigenous peoples have known about it and used it for centuries. In any case, it is true that a short time ago in the West, in commercial terms, it has begun to become more popular, especially since the important curative effects that it can have became known.

It is important to clarify in the same way that the benefits of Andean maca for health have been known for a long time, and in this sense the indigenous people used it as an aphrodisiac plant, as a very powerful herb to treat and cure various diseases.

For those who do not know it, the Andean maca has a shape very similar to that of a radish and we can differentiate four types according to the color of this root, namely, black, cream yellow, light pink and dark purple.

What is Andean Maca for? 

In general terms, we could say that Andean maca is a powerful herb that has benefits for the health of people in different ways, hence it is very complete and its consumption has increased significantly in recent times.

On the one hand, it serves to increase strength and endurance, making it ideal for increasing physical performance and in sports. This is due to the fact that maca has the property of being an adaptogen, which means that it helps the body to adapt to various stress situations, at the same time that it increases its ability to cope with weakening situations both on a physical as well as psychic or mental level: This also translates into a general feeling of well-being and we cannot help associating this with increased libido.

On the other hand, it serves to regulate and increase at the same time the functioning of the endocrine system, which is the glands that are responsible for the production of hormones that the body requires to be able to perform all its basic bodily functions and metabolism. as is the case of digestion, brain functions and those related to the physiology of the nervous system, energy levels, fertility and sexual function.
But we must also not forget to mention that hormones fulfill many other functions and in this sense are regulators of mood, tissue function, growth and sexual development, while playing a basic role in the framework of many diseases, especially in the case of cancer and depression.

We must also emphasize that Andean maca works as a support for the adrenal glands, which helps the body to maintain a good general state of health in the context of stressful situations.

We cannot fail to mention the analgesic effect that Andean maca has, which is due to two components present in it, namely saponins and terpenoids. It is these that allow Andean maca to function as a sedative, expectorant and help in pain relief.

Andean maca has proven to be especially useful in the case of women, because it can serve to alleviate the symptoms of the menstrual cycle in her and also to regulate the changes of menopause as well as alleviate the signs and symptoms of this stage. And along the same lines, we must say that in the case of women it helps to reverse the process of vaginal dryness.
However, it also proved to be very important for men, because in addition to elevating and strengthening their sexual function, it also increases fertility. This is what explains why maca is known as natural viagra.

And some more of its uses in general is that it is a good complement to strengthen sleep, because it collaborates in this function, especially because it helps to have deeper dreams, which makes it ideal for all those who have a dream. lightweight and wake up to any situation.
On the other hand, it is a good support for cognitive functions, especially in the case of memory, which improves significantly, as well as other brain functions. This makes it very advisable for older adults, but also because this plant helps to slow down the aging process.

How to consume Andean Maca

As in Peru, Andean maca is something that already has its long provenance, it is consumed in different ways and generally tends to be cooked, either by boiling or roasting it. But in addition, it is usually taken fermented as with beer, or it is added to milk as if it were a cereal or it is used dry as if it were flour.

In order to fully exploit the benefits of Andean Maca and achieve the best results, what is recommended is to consume between one and three tablespoons per day in its powdered form. Although it can be consumed alone, it can also be accompanied with water, or added to soups, broths, salads, etc.

When it is consumed every day, it is advisable to leave one day a week free of consumption.

Finally we must mention regarding its consumption that the ideal is to consume it in the morning, and not in the afternoon or evening. This is because Andean maca provides a lot of energy and although this on the one hand can be very good and positive, in truth it can also become a side effect, which would be insomnia. Hence the recommendation to be able to consume it when the day begins and not by averaging it, much less when it is ending.

I hope this post has helped you to learn a little more about this herb, which is the Andean maca, which is becoming more popular every day due to its large number of benefits and properties.

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