From the great growth and development of communication and computer technologies, new electronic devices have been appearing. One of them is the eReader, have you ever heard of it? In general terms, we anticipate that it is an electronic book reader and nothing more, because below we will tell you what an eReader is for.

What is an eReader for?

As we told you at the beginning, the eReader is a device that was specifically developed to be able to read eBooks, which are books in digital format. That is, an eReader is the continent, which in comparison with a paper book would be the sheets and the cover.

You will begin to suspect what an eReader is for, since it is to be able to read and store books in digital format and one of its main characteristics is that it allows you to store more than one book, and this is a great advantage over the classic format.

One of the main characteristics of the eReader is that it uses the technology called electronic ink, which resembles the appearance of the traditional ink of a book and returns to the appearance more similar to that of classic books.

Finally, in addition to allowing you to read digital books, it is used to play music, photos and surf the internet.

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