When talking about adrenaline, it refers to a vasoactive hormone, which is secreted by glands found in the body called adrenaline, it happens specifically when we are in a certain situation of alert or emergency. It is found naturally in our body, sometimes it is injected with the aim of being able to treat some allergy reactions, which can be fatal, generally caused by the bites of some insects, by food, medications, and other types of causes.
It has been artificially synthesized for the first time in 1904, although it had already been discovered previously that it was produced completely naturally by the adrenal glands.

It should be known that this hormone has a mechanism of action specifically in the liver, adipose tissue, and also on the muscles. It is only a few seconds that must be spent for the adrenaline to begin to be excreted, it is known that the highest point occurs when approximately one minute has been produced.

It has an effectiveness that lasts between one and three minutes, the normal metabolism can increase up to 100% due to adrenaline.

It should be noted that in the event of a possible allergic reaction, which is very severe, this hormone can be injected, although it must be done very carefully and only in the thigh, since elsewhere it becomes dangerous. Adrenaline could produce certain side effects that are very annoying.

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