Microsoft Access is a program designed for the creation and administration of databases . Its use is developed within the Windows operating system, and is aimed at offering a simple and practical alternative to people who need to handle this type of information without even having a theoretical basis or training.Through the use of files, with an easy-to-use graphical interface , the lack of specialized knowledge is overcome and a productive experience is fostered.Microsoft Access is one of the programs included in the Microsoft Office package, and complements the utility that Word, Excel and PowerPoint bring to work or academic productivity.

What is Microsoft Access for?

The Microsoft Access program provides the user with the possibilities to work conveniently with the database in question.

It serves to:

  • Create databases
  • Modify existing databases
  • Manage databases

Create databases

Microsoft Access allows the creation of databases through various tools, such as pre-established templates , which make the planning work of the database functions more efficient.

Modify existing databases

Microsoft Access allows modifications to already developed databases, leaving the user to search for information and update it according to the need. Thanks to this program, the organization of data becomes interactive and accessible.

Manage databases

This program facilitates the consultation of the data contained in the database, speeding up the obtaining of them during the work processes.

This is achieved regardless of the format in the database and the place where they are registered.

It allows the creation of forms, charts and report combinations within a single database document. This involves a different presentation of the stored information, and serves as a shortcut for interpreting the information .

To insert more data, Access allows you to create data entry and query forms and tables. It serves, for example, for the management of stock data, allowing the registration of the input and output data of the various products of the companies.

Microsoft Access is a program for managing databases.

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