Router, a word whose translation is router, is a device that, as its name implies, serves to make an interconnection of networks between computers. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, because in what follows we are going to tell you what a router is for, a word that is often heard mentioned a lot, but not everyone knows its true function.

What is a router for?

As we mentioned at the beginning, it is a device widely used today, which allows interconnecting computer networks and helps to open access doors to the Internet.

Many people only have a modem that connects to the traditional computer and thus allows them to access the internet thanks to the network of the provider you hire. However, when there is more than one computer that requires connecting to the internet or other devices, the router is the tool that will allow all the devices to access the internet at the same time, without necessarily connecting to the modem.

In this sense, what the router does is connect the network to the service provider’s network and thus connect to the internet. In this way, the router serves to expand the internet, functioning as a vector between the local and private home network and the internet.

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