refrigerant tube , or also called a condenser , is a laboratory instrument, made of glass. It is used to condense the vapors that emerge from the distillation flask, by means of a cooling liquid circulating inside it, which is generally water.

These instruments are generally used in reflux, where the hot vapors of a liquid solvent, which is being heated in the flask, are cooled inside the condenser and allowed to drip. This process reduces solvent loss and also allows the mix to heat up for extended periods.

The refrigerant tubes are used in the distillation to be able to cool the hot vapors, liquefying them in the condensation liquid. In fractional distillation , an air condenser is commonly used to decrease the rate at which hot vapors rise, thus giving proper separation between the various components in the distillate. In micro-scale distillation , apparatus are available which include a heating vessel and condenser cast in one piece. In this way, it reduces the retention volume, thus avoiding the need for ground glass gaskets and preventing contamination from grease and air leaks.

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