The nebulizers are devices used to administer drug solutions or suspensions inhalation by a mask or mouthpiece, and the objective is to deliver a specific dose of a drug as respirable particles.

Nebulizations are a treatment which is based on the administration of substances in the form of an aerosol by inhalation. Nebulizers are the devices that are responsible for generating aerosols of liquid particles of a certain size so that they can be inhaled in the lower respiratory tract.

Nebulizations are used for both children and the elderly, and either hospital or home treatment. In the nebulization process, the patient should be sitting upright, breathing at a normal rate and should not speak; also trying that the moment chosen to do the nebulization is the correct one for the patient.

Before a patient begins to use a nebulizer on a regular basis at home, a treatment must first be done under the view of healthcare personnel. The solution to be nebulized must be prepared a little before starting the treatment. Each patient must know what dose of medication he or she needs, how to prepare it, the way in which it should be placed in the equipment and the time it takes to nebulize. In addition, you must know how to disassemble the different components of the system, so that you can achieve their cleaning in this way.

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