When we hear the word “balloon”, it is normal that we associate it with the round object that bounces, but when the term is ” gastric balloon “, we already know that it refers to something different, oriented to the stomach. Then…

What is the gastric balloon?

The gastric balloon is a medical treatment (so it is essential to perform it under the supervision of a specialist) that is indicated for a specific group of people: those who are overweight .

In short, it is a plastic balloon that is inflated inside the stomach to reduce the amount of food that the stomach is able to receive. This allows the person to feel satisfied eating little , and thus progress in weight loss.

It is not an overweight of one or two kilograms, but a greater one. To determine if it is necessary to undergo a gastric balloon treatment, it is not only required that there be a minimum overweight of fifteen kilograms (15 Kg), but also to turn to a specialist, such as a nutritionist, an endocrinologist.

It is the specialists who will order metabolic studies that indicate whether the person is capable of losing excess kilograms on their own with diet and exercise. In addition, the doctors themselves will monitor the progress of the treatment.

What is the gastric balloon for?

The gastric balloon serves several very specific purposes:

  • Stop eating so much
  • Metabolic adjustment
  • Reduction of obesity
  • Feeding control
  • Elimination of excessive excess weight
  • Return better living conditions to the user

How does it apply?

In order to place the gastric balloon inside the stomach, it must be inserted through an endoscopy . Endoscopy, which by its etymology means “interior view”, is a medical procedure in which the interior of the stomach is observed with a camera and a screen. This way you are aware of the placement and inflation of the balloon in place.

No surgery is needed. The plastic balloon is inserted and then it is filled with serum. What is the purpose of this ?: to occupy a space in the stomach. It is thanks to this that the feeling of satiety is achieved more quickly, it is achieved that you do not need to eat as much and that you lose weight when you control your diet.

It is for these purposes that the gastric balloon is an ideal treatment in case of excessive overweight, morbid obesity and ordinary obesity.

It serves to stop eating so much

When the gastric balloon already covers a space in the stomach, the food that is arriving will fill the remaining space more quickly. Satiety is reached soon.

Helps with metabolic adjustment

The metabolism of an obese person gets used to receiving large amounts of food, and uses part of it as energy and the rest is stored as fat. When you get less food, you start to take in body fat for energy. The metabolism is modified in favor of the person, making them lose weight.

It is used to reduce obesity

When less food is involved in digestion, the body draws its energy and nutrition from the fats stored in the body. There is then a reduction of measures. If it is complemented with exercises later, much better.

A gastric balloon regulates stomach capacity.

Control the feeding

When the gastric balloon treatment is accompanied by a balanced diet, the person manages to form a better habit in terms of quality and quantity in their meals.

Eliminate excess weight

By making the body use stored fats as energy, a considerable loss of measurements and weight will be achieved. When the individual complements the gastric balloon with good nutrition and physical exercise, the change in the body is remarkable.

Improve living conditions

People who have suffered from morbid obesity, having suffered from immobility and the inability to do their daily activities, considerably improve their living conditions by practicing gastric balloon treatment.

The progressive elimination of fat and measures makes the morbidly obese recover, being able to move again, to fend for himself and to do his activities on his own.

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Dr. Samantha Robson ( CRN: 0510146-5) is a nutritionist and website content reviewer related to her area of ​​expertise. With a postgraduate degree in Nutrition from The University of Arizona, she is a specialist in Sports Nutrition from Oxford University and is also a member of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

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