Baby oil is a very famous product around the world that is often used as a gentle moisturizer for the delicate skin of newborns. This is a fragrant mineral oil with a mild odor. Although it has been designed to be used for this purpose, its versatility and texture allow it to be used for other purposes at home and the beauty that we will share with you today.

Cotton swabs are not recommended to remove excess wax, so it is easier and safer to use a few drops of baby oil and apply them inside the ear canal, and after a couple of days the wax will completely loosen. .

  • Makeup remover

Eye makeup usually has a lot of chemicals that makes it difficult to remove from the skin, for which it can be very useful to rub a little baby oil with your fingertips, and then remove it with a clean cloth. .

  • Remove gum from hair

This is something that seems impossible to solve if it is not by cutting the strand involved. However, a good solution is to rub in a good amount of baby oil, let it rest and then easily remove it.

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