More and more people choose to use natural products at home, and put aside the chemical products that are available in the market, which is not known with what they are made and damage the environment and sometimes our health as well. There are many homemade recipes to prepare natural cleaning products with elements that are available to everyone, that we very commonly find in homes and that are very useful. For example, the recipe that we will tell you today that combines the properties of several disinfectant and cleaning ingredients to remove even the most stuck grime. You can use it to clean the windows of the home, for showcases, cars, and other similar surfaces

The ingredients that you will need to prepare this homemade cleaner are the following:

  • Alcohol- half a cup.
  • Vinegar- half a cup.
  • Lemon juice- a quarter cup.
  • Food coloring- four drops.
  • Water- one cup.

The preparation of this homemade lemon, vinegar and alcohol based cleaner is very simple. You must add half the water in a bottle that contains a spray bottle, and mix the alcohol and vinegar there. Shake the preparation well and add the rest of the water, lemon juice and drops of food coloring there. Spray the product on the desired areas and clean with a soft cloth.

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