In today’s What’s It For, we bring you information about vacuum packaging. We will explain well the concept of “vacuum” and we will give you a list of the main advantages that this way of packaging brings.

What is the void? 

For something to be considered “vacuum” it must have a pressure of less than 10 mbar. In total vacuum packaging systems, the air is extracted from the container, achieving this pressure.

Objectives of the same

  • Delay the action of bacteria and fungi contained in the product to be packaged, allowing it to maintain all its qualities (color, flavor and aroma) for a longer time than it would if it were packaged in another way.
  • Avoid weight loss due to fluid or fat loss, as it is an airtight container.
  • Prevent the products from getting damp, which is important for bakery products, pasta, etc.
  • Avoid contamination after production, preserving hygiene from the first moment to the last.
  • Avoid “burning” by freezing.
  • Allow better handling of raw materials and finished products.
  • Ideal for packaging and subsequent portion control.
  • In a store, reduce returns or claims.
  • Food protection against a cut in the cold chain.

Closing to the void

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