The trees are beings vegetables of varying sizes, with either fixed roots to the soil that feeds them, fibrous trunks and branches that emerge from them.Trees differ from shrubs in that they have a single, thick trunk that grows to a certain height and supports the prolonged growth of its branches , from which fruits or flowers are born (depending on the tree in question).Despite these marked differences, there are shrubs with the appearance of trees, such as mustard and laurel rose.

There is an immense variety of trees, which can be classified, according to their usefulness to humanity, into:

  • Fruit trees
  • Timber
  • Convertible into common use products

What are trees for?

Trees have myriad purposes, some of them by nature and others assigned by humanity.

Trees are used to:

  • Create shadow on the ground
  • With photosynthesis, reduce environmental carbon dioxide
  • With photosynthesis, produce oxygen for our respiration
  • Make paper
  • Make furniture
  • Build houses
  • Create utensils
  • Form crafts
  • Build boats
  • Burn for fuel
  • Formulate personal care products
  • Stock up on fruits

Generate shadow

If its foliage, that is, the density of its leaves, is sufficient , it is possible that a tree can block sunlight, to shade someone who stands under it.

Trees serve to create the oxygen we breathe

Photosynthesis is the process by which plant species create the glucose that feeds them, from sunlight, carbon dioxide from the environment, and water. The product, in addition to its food, is oxygen, which is why it is an extremely valuable process for humanity.

Make paper

Certain trees are selected to undergo a process in which their cellulose , the polysaccharide that defines their fibrous structure, is transformed into paper .

Trees are used to make furniture

Timber trees, such as pine, ebony and oak , are felled, that is, cut with an industrial saw or ax, to use their wood in the manufacture of furniture.

The timber industry has altered forest reserves, and damaged the habitat of animals that used them for food or shelter. It is therefore that reforestation days are held, to try to repair the ravages of this activity.

Build houses

Wood from the strongest trees is used to build huts , which are houses made entirely of wood, set on compact ground.

Create utensils

Trees are suppliers of wood for the creation of utensils. The main characteristic of spoons, for example, is that being porous they float on water and swell when absorbed.

Form crafts

Trees provide us with wood to create many manifestations of art, such as sculpture and crafts, which are small figures or utensils, with cultural significance.

Build boats

The wood of the trees has served as a material for houses, furniture and boats

The boats of the antiquity have been armed in wood. The largest trees have served to deliver this material.

Burn for fuel

The wood that is detached from fallen trees due to some disaster, or the branches that are precipitated by the passage of wild animals serve as combustible material, in which a flame can be started to warm a group of people, if we are talking about a campfire , or a quarter, if the wood is in a fireplace.

Formulate personal care products

Oils and essences can be extracted from trees that are added as ingredients in shampoos, creams, balms and perfumes.

Stock up on fruits

Fruit trees, such as apple, lemon and orange, give humanity the possibility of feeding, by taking these fruits from their branches, or from the ground, when they have already matured.

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