ICTs  are the abbreviations of Information and Communication Technologies . It is any technological device that allows the management of information, managing it and sending it to other devices.We will deal with the concept of information and communication technologies. Devices such as:

  • Cellphones
  • Digital cameras
  • Printers
  • Desktop computers
  • Laptops

Thanks to them, it is possible to transfer information to devices in all parts of the world. This sending of data is achieved through email , for example.

What are ICTs for?

Information and communication technologies facilitate daily activities in this digital age. They serve to:

  • To send e-mails
  • Avoid the cloning of bank cards, notifying the user of improper access to their own account
  • To identify people, storing their personal information in the vastness of the internet
  • Data transmission over the internet, in media other than email, such as external storage
  • Manage general information of companies and their subsidiaries, in spreadsheets or corporate software.
  • Social media management

The applications of information and communication technologies cover many areas, which are included as:

  • Education
  • Medicine and biotechnology
  • Industry
  • Trade and finance

They are applied in education

ICTs are used in education to offer students academic content in a more accessible and digestible way. ICTs are complemented with projectors and speakers when the material is audiovisual .

They are used in medicine and biotechnology

ICTs allow the processing of data obtained both experimentally and in the practical case, in the fields of medicine and biotechnology.

In the case of medicine, it is possible to monitor the progress of patients before a disease, or the development of a disease for better control. It is possible to archive your file to have your data updated and at hand.

In the medium of biotechnology, they allow to visualize and study the development of colonies of bacteria , or the behavior of the cells of some tissue before some external agent.

Serve in the Industry

ICTs are the technological instruments that we use to carry out our daily activities.

ICTs in the industrial field allow to collect in an organized way the information that is generated in the operations of a company. In addition, they help to connect all departments, being the information available to everyone at the moment.

This can be achieved through spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel or specialized software that collects and classifies the data.

In commerce and finance

ICTs are in the foreground in commerce and finance, since they are the fundamental tools for the success of a business.

The TICs manage the information of the purchases and sales of an establishment , thus facilitating the accounting control and the calculation of its profits at the end of the year.

The finances of the digital age are supported by an internet signal and a computer with great processing capacity. This is how fluctuating data on the value of currencies is obtained live , allowing investors to make the best decisions to grow their capital.

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