The Pan American Games are a multi-sport event held every four years, facing participants from the countries of the American continent, organized by the Pan American Sports Organization.The word “Pan-American”, due to its Greek root prefix “pan”, which means “all”, represents that all the American countries participate.

What are the Pan American games for?

The Pan American Games serve to:

  • For athletes to apply their skills in a competition
  • As an agent of economic growth of the host country
  • Increase tourism activity in the host country, hosting locals and visitors
  • Motivate athletes to climb much higher in their career

The Pan American Games serve for athletes from various countries in America to test their skills , against opponents of a high sports level, and thus improve their standards for that and future competitions.

The Pan American Games are an agent of economic growth for the host cities of the event. The construction industry is in charge of building the Olympic villages to house local and visiting athletes and the public attending the events. In addition, gyms, swimming pools, stadiums, tracks and other elements for the development of the games are built.

The Pan American Games increase tourist activity through publicity for the event. This brings great benefits to the host country, which will be the center of attention for all the people who witness the games. Besides that it will be a better known country, it will be contemplated to be visited by future travelers.

The Pan American Games also serve as a test for athletes, to measure their skills and get an idea of ​​how they should perform to climb the next sports step and reach a world Olympic event. It is a growing motivation to go further.

When did the Pan American games start?

The idea arose since 1924, when in the Olympic congress held in France, the Olympic committees of Cuba, Guatemala and Mexico made the proposal of regional games in which the countries of the Central American region would participate, which were held for the first time in Mexico City, in 1926.

The idea of ​​holding the Pan American Games arose from the aforementioned Central American and Caribbean Games.

In 1932, a first proposal was made to include all the countries of America. The first Pan American Games were to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina , in 1942; however, due to the Second World War, they had to be postponed to 1951 , keeping the headquarters in that city. Since then, they have been held uninterruptedly every four years, in different venues that cover the countries of the American continent.

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