Today from our blog we want to tell you what the lymphatic ganglia are and what functions they perform in the body, since they are very important for this, especially because they are in relation to the defenses. If you are interested, keep reading as we tell you what the lymph nodes are for. I hope the information we leave you in what follows is useful for you.

What are lymph nodes?

They are very small structures found along the different pathways of the lymphatic system. Around 500 of these nodes are found in the body and they are usually all over the body, although for example in the armpits, neck and groin area is where they are most frequently grouped.

What are the lymph nodes for?

Specifically, there is a main function that the lymph nodes fulfill and as we mentioned at the beginning, it is in relation to the defenses and the immune system. Specifically, what they do is help this system to build a correct immune response against the different agents.

In simple terms, it could be said that the role of the lymph nodes is to filter substances that have entered the lymphatic channels that could be harmful.

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