First of all, it is worth noting that what has been commonly referred to as electrodes, is specifically a technique called muscular electrostimulation, which is a true technological innovation that can be favorable in many cases that not only involve muscle aesthetics, but also health. But this is what we want to talk to you about today, because in what follows we will tell you what the electrodes are for and in which cases they are used.

What are the electrodes for?

Although many believe that they only serve to end sagging in different areas of the body, to lose weight and combat cellulite, that is to say that its uses are in relation to aesthetics, this technique also serves to promote health.

In this sense, muscle electrostimulation is also useful for the use of athletes, because it helps to increase sports performance. It also serves to recover people from injuries, which can be used by athletes but also for sedentary people who have suffered them.

This technique, which is also called passive gymnastics, in the world of aesthetics, serves specifically to lose weight and also to reduce a few centimeters, because it causes a mobilization of fatty deposits in different areas of the body from muscle contractions.

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