What is it?

A diode is a small device, which has the ability to transmit current in only one direction. There are different types of diodes.

D i odos of union; contact tip; light emitters; tunnel; by pass; Gunn; capacitive; zener, These are some of the modern diodes.

The junction ones are low power that are used as rectifiers in small electronic devices. On the other hand, light emitters are those that are usually known as LEDs, and they have the ability to emit light. 

What are they for? 

They are used in electronic devices, and are generally found in power sources, in the rectifier, which converts alternating current into direct current. In addition, it changes the voltage of the current by means of a transformer, which together with the rectifier creates a new line of current in a suitable voltage.

It is used mainly in electrical power supplies, specifically in the rectification phase where alternating current is passed to direct current through an arrangement of diodes, which is called a diode bridge. Light emitters (called LEDs) are used in emergency lamps, in the optics of modern cars, toys, laser pointers, ambulances, and fire trucks. Environmentally friendly building luminaires, made with light-emitting diodes, are extremely economical in terms of electrical energy consumption.

They are used in the optics of modern automobiles, due to their greater luminosity and lower energy consumption.

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