When a person drives a vehicle, he must first be duly informed about everything regarding traffic laws, as well as the car in question he is driving. Today we are going to talk to you about beacons and therefore in what follows we will tell you what they are for. 

What are beacons for?

Mainly the beacons fulfill a function and this is that they alert other drivers that there is a vehicle that is stopped.

In the case of triangular portable beacons, these must necessarily be in the car so that it can circulate – in accordance with the requirements of the Traffic Law.

In this sense, in case a car suffers a technical damage and it is necessary to stop on the road or highway, the first thing to do is try to take it to the shoulder, turn on the emergency flashing lights of the car and at the same time to place the rectangular beacons on the street, since they serve to alert other drivers about the trend of this vehicle and that they then carry out the appropriate maneuvers. It is important to place them at a certain distance from the vehicle so that vehicles heading towards it have time to detect the stopped vehicle and react.

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