Spinach beauty treatments are very old. Spinach, thanks to its green leaf, contains a large amount of substances and nutrients that very effectively purify our body. It is used to heal pimples, and cleanse the skin of fat and blemishes, to purify the intestine, and to provide our body with vitamins A, E, iodine and many antioxidants.

For treating pimples and acne, spinach is an ideal natural treatment. For this you should boil half a liter or a whole liter of milk with a cup of spinach leaves for twenty minutes, and after removing it, let it cool well. When it is cold, strain the milk into a bottle and make a paste with the crushed spinach leaves. This will be the solution to your acne problems !! First clean your face well with milk, and then place the spinach paste and let it rest for twenty to thirty minutes.

You can also make a paste to treat dry skin caused by the cold or the sun. For this, boil a cup of milk with its fat and ten medium-sized spinach leaves for three minutes. Then remove them from the heat and remove the leaves to a separate plate. You must apply the spinach leaves on the face and in the adjacent areas such as the neck.

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