The EVP are sounds picked up by microphones, tape recorders and video cameras, which can not be heard by our ears naturally and are associated with a world in which not everyone believes: the paranormal world .The word “psychophony” itself is chilling, because those of us who hear it think of voices from beyond, and beings from the underworld who want to communicate with sinister messages.The first psychophonies were discovered by Friedrich Jürgenson in 1959 . One night, he decided to go out into the woods to record the sounds of nature. To his surprise, in the recordings there were other sounds, in addition to the natural ones: psychophonies of conversations, of people among whom was his mother, long dead.

What are psychophonies for?

Psychophonies can be useful in the criminal field , for the investigation of cases through the interpretation of conversations in a place where a murder has been perpetrated. There are two disadvantages: the first is that nobody believes in this utility, and the second is that it may take a long time for the psychophonies to begin to be captured.

Psychophonies serve in the context of parapsychology , for paranormal investigations. People who are dedicated to doing studies in this matter record psychophonies to understand what situation people were in before they died, to solve the case of their death and help them to transcend to the light.

What are psychophonies like?

Psychophonies are a phenomenon with peculiar characteristics:

  • Not whenever a recording is made they will be captured. They are almost accidental , even when looking for them.
  • They are detected by paying close attention to the audio captured on the device. Sometimes they are very hidden.
  • They resemble voices from beyond , which is why they are so scary.
  • Often times they are clear messages that make the skin crawl.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to play the recording backwards to understand the message.

Psychophonies have had everyone’s attention due to their enigmatic nature and apparently alien to our known reality. They are part of a difficult to understand context and have their physical explanation.

What do you hear in psychophonies?

Some psychophonies are noticed in recordings that are put in reverse.

When we talk about psychophonies, it is about the capture of sounds that continue to reverberate or bounce in the space where they were emitted. As they have a lower intensity and a weakened sound wave , only devices with a wide reception range can record them.

They may have come from many people who died and are physically absent. There are conversations, screams, howls, wailing, threats, etc. Sometimes they are a bit distorted and that is what gives them that spooky touch.

However, despite the physical explanation that has been given, there are still loose ends , such as voices that carry absolutely evil messages and are even considered to be emitted by something non-human. This conclusion has been reached after comparing human messages with those. The articulation of sounds comes to have a terrifying difference.

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