When we talk about opiates, we are referring to some medications that what they do is mimic the activity of endormines, which are natural substances that the body produces to control pain. Today we want to talk to you about them and tell you what opiates are for, in which cases they are used.

What are opiates for?

Mainly opiates serve to alleviate acute pain, which may be due to some medical intervention or surgery, but at the same time it serves to alleviate chronic pain – that is, pain that persists over time and does not subside – as well as pain that arises. unexpected, both moderate and intense degrees.

In cases of chronic pain, long-acting opioids are usually used, which accumulate in the body slowly and in this way, pain is relieved for long periods of time.

The administration of these drugs is done following a certain schedule, and is administered permanently even when pain is not felt at that time.
In any case, in situations of sudden pain, another additional opioid is usually administered that is of immediate action, that is, it has a rapid effect, but does not accumulate in the body to achieve a long-term effect.

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