The mudras are known as yoga for the hands, made up of a set of hand gestures aimed at restoring the body’s energy. The term mudra comes from the Sanskrit meaning production of joy, in today’s What is it for we will tell you all about this practice.

What is it for?

The mudras as a practice derived from yoga is a system of manual gestures to restore the flow of energy in the body. The fact that this can happen through the hands rests on the large number of nerve terminals located in the fingers and also, and energy meridians, with which acupuncture works. In this way, certain electromagnetic circuits that allow energy to flow would be activated through certain positions carried out with the fingers. Through the practice of mudras you can achieve great mental calm, the great advantage they have is the possibility of being able to practice them anywhere and at any time, always taking into account the proper concentration they require. Each finger has a meaning that we will detail below:

Index finger: symbolizes the air controlling the stomach and thoughts.

Ring finger: symbolizes the earth, controls the liver and therefore vitality.

Big finger: symbolizes the element ether, controls blood circulation and gallbladder.

Little finger: symbolizes water, controls the heart, sexuality and communications.

Thumb finger: symbolizes the fire element, controls the balance of energies in the body.

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