The mandalas are circular complex symbols originating in Hinduism and Buddhism , and have spiritual and ritual connotations. “Mandala” is a Sanskrit word with multiple meanings, but the main ones are “circle” and “totality”.These symbols are used to represent both the macrocosm (the universe, nature, the spiritual world) and the microcosm (humanity, the individual, the atom).They can also represent a cosmological diagram (cosmology seeks to understand the origin and nature of the universe and everything it contains).

What is a mandala for?

When defining what a mandala is for, it depends on the perspective taken , be it from Buddhism or Hinduism, and within them, the various versions that are derived depending on the place. If we want to give it a generalized meaning, we can say that a mandala serves to meditate and discover the spiritual aspect of our person, the true self.

Although the word “mandala” means “circle” or “totality”, mandalas can have other geometries. Its predominant manifestation is as circles , in whose interior triangles, curves, squares alternate , each one of them having a deep meaning.

Mandalas are used to:

  • Represent the Chakras
  • Go into meditation
  • Be used as a cosmic map
  • Be used as a means of concentration
  • Be used in decoration

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Represent the Chakras

Mandalas serve to graphically express the seven chakras: Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Visuddha, Ajna, Sahasrara . They are energy points that govern the existence of the physical and spiritual bodies and whose concentrations influence the impulses and states of cosmic connection that are experienced.

Go into meditation

To meditate it is necessary to sit in a comfortable and quiet place, and carefully observe a mandala. Careful observation of a mandala is assumed to lead to relaxation after a moment.

A state of relaxation is also reached when the person draws a mandala. If you want to express your feelings intensely, you must start from the center and work your way out. It will be in the opposite direction if what you want is to find your spiritual center.

Be used as a cosmic map

Each figure, its color, its number and its position within the mandala have a different meaning, and together these elements represent a map of the cosmos and of the spirit.

According to the design and complexity of the mandala, it will be the state of relaxation reached and the expressed connection of the person, both with the universe and with himself.

Be used as a means of concentration

The task of creating a mandala is usually as complicated as you want. Its complexity will demand a certain degree of concentration from the person, that is why drawing it or filling it with color helps both to have a greater focus, and at the same time to relax, forgetting everyday problems.

Be used in decoration

Despite the spiritual currents from which they come, mandalas are used by people who preach a variety of religions. This can be for decorative purposes, for example in Gothic cathedrals and constructions with mandálica rosettes . Likewise, Islamic art often uses these designs as elements for rituals, or as amulets for harmony.

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