Hypertonic drinks are characterized by having a high content of dissolved substances, carbohydrate molecules and electrolytes are the most common components. In the What is it for today we tell you the utilities of these special drinks.

What are they for?

As we already mentioned, hypertonic drinks are characterized by having a high content of carbohydrates, electrolytes, the latter represent essential minerals for the body. Its main function is to restore glycogen in the muscles during extreme physical activities. What should not be confused is its hydrating power, for that function there is nothing more effective than water, although electrolytes by replenishing basic minerals help to maintain cellular activities at a neutral pH level. In this way, it can be concluded that hypertonic drinks are functional mainly for activities that require a very high energy expenditure, and in other cases they are also used as a dietary supplement because it contributes with its supply of glycogen to a faster and more appropriate muscle recovery. They can be made at home by mixing the desired amount of orange juice with twice the water and a handful of salt, then chilling it for some time.

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