The Human Rights , a term they represented by the acronym human rights are universal precepts that are responsible for protecting the dignity and welfare of each person in the country where you live. When one institution or person directly harms another, it is said that it is violating the human rights of the affected person, and therefore this is a way of breaking the law.Human Rights are fundamental rights that people have by virtue of being people; by their nature they are inherent to it and are general in society. They are based on philosophical and social principles, and provide a defense to the person regarding their life, their freedom, equality, their political and social participation and other fundamental aspects.

What are human rights for?

Human Rights revolve around the idea of ​​human dignity. The preamble to the UN Declaration of Human Rights says that freedom, justice and peace in the world are based on the recognition of the intrinsic dignity and equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family.

The Article 1 of the Declaration of Human Rights states that: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”. The values ​​that underpin the idea of ​​human dignity are: security, freedom and equality.

So Human Rights serve to:

  • Guarantee the safety of people
  • Defend people’s freedom
  • Promote equality between people

Guarantee the safety of people

The value of security is the basis of personal rights and individual and legal security. These rights include having a home , satisfying one’s health needs , having respect for personal space, and being protected from accusations that have no apparent foundation.

Defend people’s freedom

The value of freedom is the basis of civic-political rights, such as the right to vote and expression. For example, as long as a person is not responsible for a crime, they have the right to walk the streets, without being apprehended without justification. For this reason, in trial processes, witnesses and the accused are questioned to see if they are deprived of that right.

Promote equality between people

The value of equality is the basis of economic, social and cultural rights. All people have the right to work with decent pay, to be included in groups that are of interest to them, to be heard, to project their artistic inspiration, to be treated the same as others regardless of their cultural or religious heritage.

The three fundamental values: security, freedom and equality are closely related and complement each other , so that between individual rights and social rights there are no contradictions or opposition . Therefore, it is impossible for some to prevail over others, or for these to replace the former.

Human Rights in ancient times

Human Rights are as old as humanity, but they have been subject to change according to the historical context . In ancient Greek society, for example, there were Greek citizens who enjoyed certain rights and these were backed by Greek laws.

However, there were people who did not enjoy these rights and were deprived of their freedom. These people are called slaves . The Romans undertook the conquest of the Greeks and slavery continued. So the slaves, to enjoy those rights, have had a struggle for a long time , until they belong to the current human dignity.

Human Rights that today are protected by International Law, are the result of this struggle sustained by peoples and nations that have been subjected to slavery. It is through this process that today’s society can take a Constitution and find infallible protection for such rights, which applies to everyone.

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