Flax seeds , or also Flaxseed , are an incredible anti-carcinogen, it is one of the few foods that exist that blocks the path of estrogen.
One of the main characteristics of this type of seeds is that it has a substance very similar to prostaglandin, which regulates arterial pressure and function, these benefits are very important in the metabolism of fats, calcium and energy.

It is the only food that blocks the estrogen pathway, this is because it has a rare combination of a weak estrogen and an omega-3 fatty acid.

E hese seeds have a large amount of dietary fiber, the richest plant source exists omega 3 and the richest weak estrogen, making an incredible food. In addition, it reduces estrogen in fat cells, limits the stimulating effect of estrogen, prolongs the menstrual period in women, and increases the number of estrogen transporters. 

It is the cereal with the highest amount of fiber that exists, and for this reason, it is recommended in diets to lose weight, to reduce cholesterol and also to prevent constipation. The amount of Omega 3 that this food has is greater than that of fish, or any vegetable or cereal. 

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