The estrogens are hormones that possesses the body of women, they can find them at different concentration levels, depending basically on the part of the menstrual cycle in which the woman is.

They begin to occur at puberty, they have a large number of functions within the body of women.

They have a function in the reproduction cycle, they act on the uterus and then give it the preparation it needs so that the embryo can nest during the months that pass. They are in charge of carrying out the secondary sexual characteristics that the woman has.

Through this hormone, you can obtain an increase in sexual desire, due to that is that when ovulation is very close, it is the moment when women have the estrogen peak, that is why their libido is increased in an incredible way, because agrees with the high possibility of being able to procreate at this time. Thanks to these hormones, the pigmentation of certain sectors is also favored.

These hormones also have functions that are not related to the sexual area. It can be mentioned, its intervention in the metabolism of fatty foods, in this way it can be observed favored the redistribution of fat throughout the female body. Also, a certain intervention in the metabolism of cholesterol can be seen, in this way the levels are kept low and the production of “good cholesterol” is favored.

It is also known that they are involved in the protection of bone, to prevent erosion that occurs due to other hormones.

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