The first thing we must know when talking about emotions is that they, together with cognition – thoughts – and behavior, form an indissoluble triad. They are essential for survival, since they help avoid dangers and that is why they are said to be adaptive in themselves. In what follows, we are going to tell you more about them and that is why we will tell you what emotions are for.

 What are emotions for?

On the one hand, they help to make decisions, since in a stressful situation, the activation of emotions predisposes the organism to overcome stress and to solve said situation in the best way.

Regarding its survival function, it is due to the fact that emotions are adaptive, for example when one feels fear – an emotion – the organism is activated in such a way that it is predisposed to flee from the threat. IN this sense, the activation of the emotion allows to act quickly and to take decisions and actions in order to survive.

We must not fail to mention that emotions also have a communicative function, since they are manifested as signs of how a person feels so that others understand it. The same happens vice versa, that is, it helps to understand others.

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