Although better known by the name of the morning-after pill, emergency contraceptives are a method that is often used in cases where the chosen contraceptive method has had its failures or there has been no protection. But for a better explanation, in what follows we are going to tell you what emergency contraceptives are for.

What are emergency contraceptives for?

Emergency contraceptives, it is worth noting that they should only be consumed in emergencies, since they serve in such situations to function as a contraceptive method compared to other methods that have failed after having had a sexual relationship.

In this sense, the action of this method serves within 72 hours after having had a sexual intercourse without protection or with failed protection, and the closer to the episode it is consumed, the more effective it is, for example, it is more effective in the hours after the sexual act than 60 hours later.

It is important to clarify that it does not serve as a method of protection and prevention of the contagion of sexually transmitted diseases, nor do contraceptive pills, because for this fact only barrier methods serve, as is the case with condoms.

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